I have been reminiscing on my memories of summer…so I thought that it would make sense to do a summer inspired post. I think that I have convinced myself that if I do a summer post then summer will come quicker…but here goes.

Pictured below are my two favourite summer dresses that I probably wore for majority of summer…

I got this floral sundress for £4 and I am convinced that I hold all the secrets on the universe. Nah I got this dress from a charity shop, the label inside the dress shows that the dress is originally from H and M so I am guessing that the original price was around £15. This dress proved popular with lots of people as during the summer I received many compliments about this dress! 🙂

My second dress is another floral dress which I got from New Look for £10. The dress was in the sale and the original price was £20. Again this dress also proved to be popular with people as I received lots of compliments about the dress.

Yes I have noticed that both of these dresses are floral but it’s summer! Summer was practically made so that people like me can go out gallivanting 24/7 in floral dresses. I hope you enjoyed reading this summer inspired post and hopefully i’ll be back with another post soon!

See you soon and stay fashionable ❤


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