Dining Out

I went out for dinner recently with some friends. I always find it hard to decide what to wear when I go out for dinner, I never know whether to dress up or stay casual. The outfit I wore is a mixture. The skirt, tight and boots keep it dressy but the floral shirt and the studded denim jacket keep the outfit looking casual.

Here is the outfit that I wore:


Below are pictures of each piece of this outfit, where I got them from and how much I paid for them.


Studded Denim Jacket – Topshop – £20 (reduced from £60)


Floral Shirt – Select – £5 (reduced from £12)


Black Skirt – River Island £10 (reduced from £25)


Black Tights – Asda – £2


Cut Out Boots – River Island – £15 (reduced from £45)

This outfit should have cost me £144 for a total of £52. This just shows the wonders of waiting till clothing goes on sale!

I hope I have inspired you and your future fashion choices with this dining out outfit 🙂

P.S: I finished my exams and I think I have done really well! It just shows what revising can do. If any of you have exams coming up please revise because it really does make a difference and good luck because I know you’ll smash them!

See you soon and stay fashionable ❤


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